How 1-on-1 Profiles Help Managers and Employees to Work Better Together

Employee performance and success are most likely a challenge in your fast-changing, digital business environment. And there’s no need to fan the flames of this challenge with unnecessary disengagement between managers and employees. Right?

Essentially, a manager’s primary job is to help their employees be successful.

One tenet behind #NoBadManagers we’ve been talking about lately is make it very easy for workplace relationships to form and grow by removing counterproductive friction. What are some examples of friction points?

  • Lack of easy access to employee performance and relationship insights
  • Poor preparation before manager and employee conversations take place
  • Ineffective follow-up after manager and employee conversations

These issues aren’t new by any means but they continue to linger and negatively impact – exponentially – most organizations today because of the sheer amount and velocity of information that’s being created by people and technologies.

Introducing 1-on-1 Profiles

1-on-1 Profiles, announced at HR Tech 2018, provides a single place for managers and employees to quickly get up to speed for employee relationship development and productive 1-on-1 conversations. High-level benefits include:

  • Everything in one place: Feedback, goals, reviews, notes, agenda – it’s all here for effective 1-on-1’s
  • Focus on what matters: Collaborate on 1-on-1 agendas, not manual data entry and status updates
  • Improve teamwork: See what others are focused on to improve alignment and collaboration

“The key to a good one-on-one meeting is the understanding that it is the employee’s meeting rather than the manager’s meeting,” said Ben Horowitz, cofounder and general partner at A16z. “This is the free-form meeting for all the pressing issues, brilliant ideas and chronic frustrations that do not fit neatly into status reports, email and other less personal and intimate mechanisms.”

The 1-on-1 Profiles user experience is a 3-column format with the left column providing basic demographic information and a feedback button. Immediately below is a direct reports summary by photo, name and title to quickly review and dive into individual 1-on-1 Profiles.

The middle column is the Activity Feed including real-time feedback and reviews for the profile you are browsing at the time. This includes being able to see related information in chronological order.

The right column is reserved for Goals and Agenda. It’s the same UX as the prior two columns – you can easily skim summary information and click for more complete details.

Customer Needs and Use Cases

We’re all consumers first and our user experience (UX) expectations are very high when you consider how we have either grown up or quickly adapted with social media, mobile phones and software-enabled tools.  The 1-on-1 Profiles UX has a familiar, lightweight feel that encourages daily use and easy adoption.

One use case is, new managers to an established team can view all previous performance reviews or check-ins in chronological order to quickly get up to speed on all employees for relationship building, skills assessment, coaching clues, etc.  The frog design team is all about UX:

“The best user experience is a top requirement when selecting people management software,” said Lindsey Ducroz, Director of U.S. Human Resources at frog. “With the 1-on-1 Profiles announcement, Reflektive reinforces their understanding of the value of easy, intuitive layout and design for supporting manager and employee relationships. 1-on-1 Profiles contain critical details about an employee’s performance history and manager’s dialogue in an easy to digest format to help create meaningful conversations, career continuity and achieve business outcomes.”

Another use case is a manager’s ability quickly prepare for goal and career development discussions, organizing thoughts for the most effective 1-on-1s with the least amount of time required. The Foursquare team is all about using data insights to create more powerful experiences:

“One of our core values here at Foursquare is to listen to every voice, and Reflektive helps us to do just that,” said Meghan Lapides, SVP of Human Resources at Foursquare. “Our business is all about enabling people and businesses to enrich their experiences and inform better decisions with real-time data insights. I’m excited about Reflektive’s new 1-on-1 Profiles capability because it will enable our team members to effortlessly access employee experience and performance-related insights to help managers and employees work better together at scale with always-changing priorities.”

Want to learn more about how the Reflektive platform can help managers and employees work better together?  Visit our product page and request a demo.

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