The Power of Belonging at Work

When you first step into a new role, these questions pop into your mind: Will they think I’m smart? Will I have someone to eat lunch with? What if I make a mistake?

But as with any other social system, with time, a job can become a place that feels like home. There comes a time when you feel you are welcome to be who you are, and you are essential to your team’s success.

At Illuminate, Reflektive’s conference by people leaders, for people leaders, ServiceNow CHRO Pat Wadors shared on “The Power of Belonging.”

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“Part of my job of head of talent is to shorten moments of uncertainty,” Wadors said. “I’ve sought that moment of belonging in every job I’ve had.”

Belonging means:

  • Workplace commitment
  • Motivation
  • Pride
  • Recommendation
  • Trust and psychological safety

“Belonging is a competitive advantage,” Wadors said.

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