The 8 Deadly Sins of Buying HR Software

Buying great software is hard. We initially ask peers, but our experiences will vary because success of a software rollout depends on how the software will be used.

At Illuminate, Reflektive’s conference by people leaders, for people leaders, Itamar Goldminz, director of people at Grammarly, shared on “The 8 Deadly Sins of Buying HR Software.”

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“Every tool has an underlying philosophy that defines its features. This is fine as long as it’s aligned with your philosophy,” Goldminz said. “If you’re trying to use a tool with a different philosophy around leadership, you’re setting yourself up for poor adoption.”

Along with philosophy, Goldminz also cited analytics as a key differentiator in software. For example, an applicant tracking system may show applicants per day on a line graph, or a pie chart of stages of applicants for a job opening, but does it tell you how the search is going or what action to take?

“Reporting and data visualizations are table stakes that all applications have but there is a big difference between data and insights,” he said. “We need to look beyond the pretty graphs and say, is this tool giving me data or insights, and use the ones that give actual insights.”

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