How Reflektive’s Customer Success Helps Companies Transform HR and Grow

The energy at Reflektive is electric! We have good reasons to celebrate and it’s not just because the holiday season and new year are upon us.

As 2017 comes to a close, we’re grateful to serve incredible customers across many industries. With our December 12th announcement, we shared details about how Reflektive solutions and the Customer Success team are empowering hundreds of thousands of employees to drive company and career growth while also reducing attrition costs.

New customers this year include, Blue Origin, Healthgrades, Omada Health, Ripple, SendGrid, Shapeways, SmartPak and more. These companies are leading their industries with HR-innovation that transforms people management processes to improve organizational agility and business performance.

We’re on a Mission; Driving Measurable Results

Our Customer Success strategy is centered around Reflektive’s core pillars: engaging your people, transforming your culture, making informed decisions that empower your future, and accelerating your growth. Jeff McCarthy, VP of Customer Success, says it well. “Our mission is to reinvent people management processes to empower employees to thrive.”

In this brief Reflektive Moment video, Julie Knight, CMO of Reflektive, provides commentary about Reflektive’s customer success services, new customers, and 2017 business results:

Reflektive Success at a Glance

  • Hundreds of thousands of employees served – more than doubled since Q1’17
  • 99 percent customer satisfaction score for support services reported in Q4’17
  • 72 percent of customers use the entire Reflektive product suite
  • Triple-digit, year-over-year revenue growth
  • 93 percent annual renewal rate in Q4’17

Why Customers Rely on Reflektive

As a leader in providing innovative, real-time performance management solutions for HR leaders and their agile organizations – we appreciate when customers share why they partner with us. Some reasons include real-time people development, employee engagement improvements, and higher performance with peace of mind in our digital world; here are some success story excerpts:

Blue Origin was looking for a way to shift to a more agile workplace, and we believe that employees with a growth mindset are a good thing for culture and the business,” said Tom Jones, Head of Human Resources at Blue Origin. “We’re aligned with Reflektive around a philosophy that real-time people development empowers individuals and teams to innovate in previously unimaginable ways like putting people into space.”

Real-time people development empowers employees to innovate in previously unimaginable ways. Click To Tweet

Omada Health wanted to give and receive feedback in a more programmatic way, and focus on future growth rather than past performance,” said Jo Dennis, Chief People Officer at Omada Health. “During our first year with Reflektive, we saw an increase in employee engagement particularly around the quality of feedback received, which was certainly fueled by Reflektive being easy to use and offer a blend of both informal (kudos wall) and formal (360s) insights on performance. In addition, Reflektive’s Customer Success team has been incredibly responsive to our needs and always goes the extra mile. In 2018, we’ll continue to focus on company-wide goal setting and alignment to deliver on our critical initiatives.”

With Reflektive, we saw an increase in employee engagement around the quality of feedback. Click To Tweet

SmartPak is a fan of leveraging positive reinforcement as part of our corporate values – enabling an agile and high-performing organization well beyond the IT team,” said Rob McClellan, CTO at SmartPak. “We wanted to increase employee engagement with a lightweight, secure system that my team experimented with first, and then deploy across the entire organization in collaboration with our HR leader and other executives. The Reflektive platform supported by Customer Success helped us launch within a week, so our team was able to remain focused on building unique digital experiences that help dedicated SmartPak customers maintain and improve horse health.”

From all of us at Reflektive – we wish you a healthy, joyful and successful new year!