The Alliance – Goal Setting that Improves Trust and Engagement

In “The Alliance,” Reid Hoffman, the founding CEO of LinkedIn, describes a framework he built on how to create a more symbiotic relationship between employees and employers. By creating an alliance with your employees where both parties are aligned in terms of goals, you can start transforming both employee engagement and performance. Check out our webinar that describes this framework.

The war for talent has created a major shift in the employee/employer relationship. The old model of guaranteed long-term employment is no longer a reality. In this new environment, retaining and keeping your employees engaged is a critical issue that all organizations are struggling with.

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In the video below, Chris Yeh, who co-authored “The Alliance” with Reid Hoffman, presents this framework.

Learn how to turn the goal setting process into one that also engages your employees while building more transparency and trust between employees an their managers.