Why HR Technology Needs to Integrate With Existing Behaviors

The best HR software understands users in their context and is designed to fit into their daily lives. Whether that’s embedding solutions that work with their current tools, or onboarding users to help them discover new product features, the key is to create enjoyable, easy-to-use experiences. This ensures HR leaders get the most value from product solutions.  

One strategy critical to employee engagement software is to integrate solutions alongside employees’ daily workflows. For example, Reflektive’s email plugin, now also available for Outlook Web Access (OWA), helps users adopt a habit of giving regular feedback and helps Reflektive work seamlessly across organizations no matter what existing tools are used on various teams.

Let’s dig in to why this works.

People are more likely to adopt tools that work with their current behavior.

We are much more likely to practice old habits than form new ones. As humans, we are accustomed to what is familiar and are more efficient at performing tasks that require less cognitive load. As a product designer, I have learned that understanding a user’s behavior is key to creating solutions they will use and enjoy. It’s so important for HR products to work with users’ daily work activities rather than force them to change their behavior.

Understanding a user’s behavior is key to creating solutions they will use and enjoy. Click To Tweet

Checking and responding to email is a frequent activity for knowledge workers. Because of this frequency, we build patterns around checking our email. Reflektive’s email pluginsGmail, Inbox, Outlook Mac App, Outlook PC App, and Apple Mail App, and now OWAsupport you in your current workflow because the plugin sits alongside your preferred email tool.

Integrating our plugins with the tools you already use enhances your current ways of working. Further, you can build the habit of giving feedback, updating goals, and sharing recognition on top of a formed habit. Because you are familiar with checking and responding to email, it’s much easier to adopt an employee engagement tool.

Integrating our plugins with the tools you already use enhances your current ways of working Click To Tweet

HR solutions can reach a wider audience by creating solutions that work with various tools.  

Expecting users to break their powerful inbox management habits on top of learning a new HR product is a lot to ask. This leads to unsatisfied users, a lack of people analytics data for HR, and ultimately, usage drops off as people return to their old habits.

With our new OWA plugin, customers who are more accustomed to accessing Outlook from the web can use Reflektive without changing their day-to-day email habits. This means our plugin can support you regardless of your preferred email tool.

Much of Reflektive’s success is built on our commitment to integrate with your current workflows. Not only are employees more likely to adopt a solution that works with current behavior, but long-term success of HR programs relies on employee adoption. Reflektive’s OWA plugin is our most recent step toward building the strategies of our customers. If you haven’t already, check out the plugin here.