How HRIS Data Helps HR Leaders Answer Tough Questions

From Munich to Minneapolis, thousands of companies have disparate software solutions to help them manage their people, processes, and performance. Many of these tools have analytics and reporting capabilities, however, HR leaders are unable to see data from different systems together in one place.

Viewing all of your HR data in the same system enables powerful people insights. With an integrated system, you can see if your strongest performers are being rewarded with promotions and salary bumps as well as ensure that department leaders are driving a culture of achievement and inclusion. These and other insights are available with Reflektive’s newest HRIS data integrations.

Our automated integrations with HRIS platforms enable you to visualize your HR data right in Reflektive for a 360 view on performance, attrition, and inclusion. We designed this solution to give you powerful insights from the intersection of your HR data and your performance data. With Reflektive People Intelligence, HR admins can answer the following questions (and way more):

  • Are women more likely than men to leave my org?
  • Are our software engineer salaries competitive in the Denver market?
  • Are we driving diversity and inclusion across manager positions?

These insights are available in our Intelligence tab. Once we’ve enabled the integration for you, data will start flowing right away–no ongoing maintenance required.

Getting Started is Easy

We have beautiful pre-built dashboards and reports to answer commonly-asked questions. We’ll also work closely with you if you desire additional dashboard customization.

Disseminating your insights is a snap–once you’ve shared your dashboards with execs, they can view, modify, and download the data at any time.

Right now, we have a plug-and-play offering with BambooHR, a leading HR software provider for small and medium-sized businesses. Coming next are more HRIS integrations and integrations with applicant tracking platforms for a view on the entire lifecycle of your employees.

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