Introducing Reflektive’s New Brand

A lot has changed since Reflektive was founded in 2014. In the past few years, we’ve helped more than 450 companies transform performance management, both providing technology and partnering with them on program design — and later, sharing their stories on our webinars, at industry conferences, and more.

Through our work, we’ve learned that the success of a people program relies on one key element: the employee-manager relationship.

Today, we are updating our branding to reflect this reality.

We’ve clarified the language in our vision and mission: To enable people reach their full potential — by creating the first people management platform that helps employees and managers work better together.

Our Users

Performance reviews are traditionally used for compliance, a top-down, HR-led process. Our customers came to us needing a performance management system to improve performance, not just measure. Their employees, who use the product every day, need something in their workflow that helps them align goals with their manager and have better, in-the-moment feedback conversations.

The Logo

Our logo, the Duo, reflects the alignment of the manager-employee relationship and alludes to the value of people — your company’s most valuable resource.

The three key traits that we hope to convey are employee growth, employee-manager alignment, and connection.

The Colors

Blue represents stability, but we chose a bold shade of blue to represent the innovation we are enabling in organizations. We meet you where you are, and take you to the next level.

The Tagline

We’re not doing any favors if we leave out the biggest threat to manager-employee relationships. Most managers are promoted because of subject matter expertise, not leadership competencies, and are forced to learn how to be a good manager on the job. Simply put, we’ve taken the behaviors of a good manager and built them into our product so it’s hard to be a bad manager.

Thus, our new tagline is #NoBadManagers.

Excited? Come work with us – we’re hiring.

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