Our Blog Redesign

You may have noticed a change in the look and feel of our blog today. What you’re experiencing is the result of a months-long process to meaningfully update Reflektive’s blog design and messaging to better serve our growing audience of HR leaders, managers, and employees.

Why Redesign?

Content marketing is only effective if the content you’re creating is meaningful and accessible to your audiences. At Reflektive, one of the primary ways our audiences consume our content is through our blog, so we decided to take a deeper look into what the blog experience was like for our readers. After some thoughtful research, we realized our existing blog was lacking in four core areas, preventing us from empowering our audiences with the industry knowledge and best practices they seek.

“Design is a formal response to a strategic question.” – Mariona Lopez

The following are the core problems we recognized and prioritized with our redesign:

No Clear Message

When users landed on the homepage of our former blog, they were met with a lot of text up front, but the copy did not always provide a clear message on the purpose and meaning of the blog. The user experience was also unclear: visitors weren’t sure whether to use the search bar, navigate to a category or click on a featured post.

Ineffective Use of White Space

Our former blog did not take advantage of space effectively — text was too large in certain places and featured posts required extensive scrolling that took away from the content.

Incohesive Imagery

Like many blogs, ours fell victim to the stock-image trap. Our images did not always reflect our brand or the content we cover, which sometimes made our content look generic and inconsistent.

No Clear Call-to-Action

Finally, we didn’t have a clear call to action on the homepage of our former blog. To subscribe, visitors had to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, which was unclear and difficult to find. Without an easy subscription button, we were losing out on keeping in touch with people who interacted with our content.

New Brand Attributes

Before walking through changes and updates we’ve made to the blog, it’s important to understand our updated brand attributes that we kept in mind while designing the new functionalities of the blog.

As a brand, Reflektive strives to embody the following four characteristics:

    • Empowering
    • Authentic
    • Intentional
    • Approachable

Not only did these attributes play a role in defining the new design, they also influenced updated copy refreshes you’ll find across the blog in order to embody the brand in a better way.

What’s New on the Homepage

First things first — we made a logo. We needed something to differentiate Enlighten from the rest of our site, so our marketing designer created this compelling but simple logo as a visual identity for the new blog. The design takes inspiration from light rays (ahem, enlighten), and the colored bars in the star mimic the colored bars on the homepage.

The biggest update is the new homepage experience. Before, the path to finding content was confusing and unclear. Now, below the new Enlighten logo, there are four categories that we’re calling “Main Categories:” HR Leaders, Managers, Employees, and Reflektive News. With these new categories, first time visitors can self select which persona they identify most with and then click to find more content.

The blog is organized into four main categories: HR Leaders, Managers, Employees, and Reflektive News.

If you’re unsure about the theme for each category, just click on the heading and a description will appear beneath the Enlighten logo.

You’ll also notice that each main category is color-coded with its own unique color to make them more distinct and identifiable. For example, all of the posts that are relevant for HR Leaders will have a green square in the top right corner of the featured image.

Not only is this was a smarter way for us to organize content, but we think it will help our users find what they’re looking for in a more efficient and pleasant way.

The HR Leaders page is where people leaders can stay up to date with the hottest industry news in people management, but since this content is still our bread and butter, anyone looking for updates on people management trends should check this page out.

After taking a look into who our customers and end users are, we decided to highlight both Managers and Employees with their own pages, both of which can be found on the main navigation bar.

What Happened to Topics?

If you’re wondering where the other topics went, don’t worry! We kept most of our old topics (which used to be called categories) and added them to a drop-down menu on the right hand side bar once you scroll down on a Main Category page. We’ve hand picked the topics that are relevant to each Main Category to make it easier to find content on topics like employee engagement, company culture, and workplace diversity.

How We’re Utilizing Space

As we mentioned, the old blog was not effectively using white space. The previous design did not optimize the number of posts per page, so we rearranged the grid in order to allow for more posts per page. Instead of a symmetrical grid, the new “Recent Posts” grid features a 2-post, 3-post structure to accommodate 10 recent posts and add more visual interest.

We Added Fresh New Colors

As a part of our brand refresh, we’ve also added some new colors to the mix. These colors come to life in the Enlighten logo and the Main Categories, but we’re also featuring them in our new blog post images. We believe our new colors embody our brand attributes, and we’re excited about energizing our visuals on the blog — and eventually across the entire website.

Prioritizing a Call to Action

We take pride in our content and want all of our visitors to stay connected with us, so we moved up our subscribe bar on the homepage to make it front and center. Before, the subscribe field was hidden way at the bottom of the page with no accompanying copy, so visitors didn’t actually know what they were signing up for. Now, everyone has the opportunity to receive new posts in their inboxes every week in a weekly roundup of recent content.

We hope you like the new Reflektive blog. If you’re a new visitor, we hope you enjoy the experience and find our content useful. And if you’re a Reflektive veteran, then welcome back and thanks for sticking with us.

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