How Netsmart Launched a Performance Management Strategy In Less Than 7 Weeks

Reinventing performance management is no easy feat. It’s not just about introducing new technology, but also ensuring employees use and embrace the solution to effectively drive the desired change.

Netsmart is a 1,400 person organization that provides innovative healthcare technology solutions to more than a half million users. The company’s new managing performance strategy led them to partner with Reflektive to provide the lightweight tool aligned to the strategy. Its company imperative, People Matter, is foundational to the approach of building a high-performance team through communication and collaboration across the organization.

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Onboarding to Reflektive

Once Netsmart and Reflektive signed a contract, two Reflektive customer success team advocates joined with three Netsmart associates lead by Cari to build, test, and roll out Reflektive company-wide. From the Reflektive team, I provided project management, HR best practices, and rollout thought partnership, and Oscar provided technical advice and guidance. Our initial meetings, including a project kickoff, focused primarily around the Netsmart vision for success.

Taking time to know each other as people is key to a new partnership.

We also took some time to get to know each other as people! Cari went to Clemson University, whereas I went to the University of Georgia. She has two teenagers and I have a toddler. This meant that we could both chat college football, and Cari could give me parenting advice. 🙂

How Netsmart Uses Reflektive

From here, we began a cadence of weekly meetings. On the Reflektive side, we stood up the environment, shared best practice examples of training and communications, and provided checklists for user acceptance testing. Netsmart was extremely responsive as they learned the tool, raised questions, and sought feedback on their training and communications materials.

Weekly meetings helped ensure Netsmart learned the Reflektive tool, raised questions, and sought feedback.

Having Chris from Netsmart and Oscar from Reflektive to test and troubleshoot the technical integrations made the implementation go smoothly. Their availability, responsiveness, and technical skill sets accelerated the timeline! For example, we established a weekly HRIS sync, single-sign on integration, and the Outlook plug-in integration in the first three weeks.

Building out the first check-in was a key win in the partnership. I recommended Cari to think about two things:

  1. What are the insights you want managers to capture from the check-in, and
  2. How should associates feel during and after the check-in.

Using these prompts, Netsmart identified Performance Champions with whom Cari led a brainstorm. They decided that the check-in provide managers with how individual actions align with the larger company focus, an individual strength, and an individual’s area of growth. They wanted the check-in to feel lightweight and forward-facing for associates.

They launched a review that included two questions:

  1. What Netsmart Value resonates with me, that I do well and enables me to deliver measured value to our clients? Why is that impactful to the business?
  2. What is one thing, looking forward, I could change or do more of that would make me more effective in one of Netsmart’s Focus 5 for 2017?

Leveraging Reflektive’s templates, Netsmart’s communication plan included “Coming Soon” marketing materials, an announcement at an all company meeting, manager and associate training along with launch messaging. Cari and team worked to include elements of how to use the tool and why to use the tool, including research and best practice. As these materials developed, Cari would use weekly meetings both internally and with Reflektive to get feedback on the messaging.

Netsmart’s Performance Management Wins

The Netsmart team launched Reflektive to all 1,400 employees within seven weeks of signing. The initial check-in achieved 98 percent and 85 percent completion rates for self and managers, respectively. From the Real-Time Feedback, Netsmart produced 2,384 posts, likes, and comments in the first month alone. A senior leader remarked that the messages on the Reflektive wall were “inspiring, encouraging, and motivating.” And he publicly thanked Cari and team for the successful rollout of the tool.

The Netsmart team launched Reflektive to all 1,400 employees within seven weeks of signing.

After launch, our meeting cadence evolved to an as-needed approach.  We held an executive business review to align on our accomplishments, share metrics, and identify where we can improve as a partnership going forward. We connect via email or phone whenever Reflektive releases product enhancements or Netsmart is interested to try something new. And, I can still go to Cari for parenting advice.

Looking back, Cari made three critical efforts to help the partnership be successful. First, she allocated her time to engage deeply in the implementation process. Second, she kept Netsmart’s vision top of mind while making configuration decisions in the tool. Third, she worked collaboratively with Reflektive to hear best practices and adapt the conversations to Netsmart’s managing performance strategy.