Behind the Scenes: How Technology Is Transforming People Management

Because the workforce values different things than in past years, the software being created for people management is changing.

Cat Hernandez, operating partner of Primary Venture Partners; Katie Hughes, partner at General Catalyst; and Luke Beseda, vice president of talent at Lightspeed Ventures were on the panel “Behind the Scenes: How Technology Is Transforming People Management” moderated by Rajeev Behera, CEO of Reflektive, at Reflektive’s Illuminate, the conference by people leaders, for people leaders.

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The panel covered what VCs look for when investing in HR technology, companies and theme they are excited about, and how technology will change the workplace.

“No matter your thoughts on Glassdoor — a billion dollar outcome is good for the ecosystem because more money will go into it,” Beseda said.

“There’s a big appetite for technology. Any company building something kind of cool will get to a couple million in ARR. What we look for is how you get to scale,” Hernandez said.

Three categories investors see emerging are women’s health, remote company building, and personalized benefits.

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