Introducing Our Performance Management Benchmark Report

We’ve heard it said that the performance appraisal is a common enemy. Employees, managers, and HR leaders alike wish it dead and gone. The origin of the annual review goes back more than 100 years, with the concept being popularized in the 1950s.

Think of how much the world has changed. Facebook first launched 14 years ago, followed by Twitter two years later and Instagram in 2010. You don’t wait six months to see how many people liked your social media post — why would you wait that long for performance feedback?

These tools change the way we relate to each other. The performance appraisal was never a desirable process, but today, a better way is at the fingertips of every employee at your company. Still, our survey finds that organizational change is slow.

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In this report, you will find comments from leading industry experts including analysts, authors, and HR leaders to distill the survey findings. You will also see anecdotes of true performance review horror stories from our #MyWorstPerformanceReview contest. Lastly, you’ll see links to resources Reflektive has created over the past few years as we’ve become an expert on PM transformation, working with more than 450 companies to improve their processes.

Download your copy of the Performance Management Benchmark Report here.