Reflektive Releases Update to Make HR More Strategic

The business environment is constantly changing. So is your workforce.

In order to succeed in an environment of constant change and pressure for profitable revenue growth, organizations need to take on a more agile approach to human resources — creating strategic relationships between managers and HR.

Ultimately, all successful businesses empower managers and employees to drive their best performance and growth plans to support overall business performance.

Suffice it to say, you can’t expect to effectively manage them all with annual performance reviews alone.

You need a flexible solution.

You need to be agile.

And Reflektive understands that better than anybody. It’s why we’re introducing new performance management features to our platform, designed to make your organization more agile, more effective, and ultimately, more profitable.

Your performance management secret weapon has just been upgraded.

Real-Time Requests

Your organization isn’t a silo. It’s a dynamic, interconnected business — so your performance reviews should reflect that. Our manager-driven Real-Time Requests tool collects and aggregates feedback data from your entire team — supervisors, colleagues, direct reports, and more — in a single, central location. What’s more, you can share feedback with the employee who received it or elect to keep their record private — all in the same, easy-to-use interface.

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Request Feedback

Don’t expect your employees to walk over to the corner office every week and ask their managers how well they’re doing, because they won’t. Make it easy for them to get regular, actionable feedback with the Reflektive Request Feedback tool. All they have to do is pull up a recent project, event, or activity, request feedback on how well they accomplished it, and wait for their managers to reply. That feedback will be neatly categorized in their My Feedback pages, which they can review when they start new projects – so they perform better the next time around.

Request Feedback isn’t just for managers. Employees can just as easily ask peers or cross-departmental team members for input on their work and how they can do better.

Asking for feedback is hard, but Reflektive makes it easier with the Request Feedback tool.

Goal Alignment

When your employees know how their day-to-day work contributes to the strategic objectives of your company, they’ll work harder and smarter. Reflektive’s new Goal Alignment tool maps out those strategic objectives against your individual employees’ contribution to them, so everybody knows exactly where they stand in the grand scheme of your business operations. And not only does that drive employee engagement and execution, it also gives you the play-by-play insights you need to better manage the unique strengths of your workforce.

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OKR Measurements

The Objectives and Key Results model — pioneered by Intel and later adopted by Google, LinkedIn, Oracle, and more — is one of the best systems for organizing, measuring, and optimizing business objectives in the industry today. And now Reflektive supports it too, giving you a flexible way to track your employees’ progress in percentages, raw numbers, or dollar values. While your employees are tracking and updating their work, you can manage their performance from a team-level view — making it easier than ever to deliver on-time and under-budget.

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It’s a new era for HR.

You’re accountable for more than just operations now. You have to deliver cold, hard business results too.

And that’s why it’s more important than ever to invest in developing the people who work for you — with a modern performance management solution.

To make your transition easier, we’re partnering with Argyle to produce a virtual event for CHROs and senior HR leaders about the revolving responsibilities of HR — 2017 HR Virtual Event: A Seat at the Table – The New Strategic Role of HR.

Join us October 19, 1 p.m. – 2:15 p.m. EST to learn:

  • The key to understanding employee motivation in an era of unparalleled employee and customer choice
  • Why an employee-centric mindset is linked to company performance
  • How HR can use technology to offer more strategic value

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