8 Days of Feedback From Santa Claus

Who is Santa, if not one of the world’s best managers? Somehow, the jolly old man manages to deliver presents to millions of children around the globe every year, all with a smile. Luckily for Santa, he has an entire team backing him up — from the elves, to his reindeer, even to Mrs. Claus, he doesn’t make Christmas happen alone.

Not only has Santa created a culture of recognition and feedback, but he exhibits almost every good management practice we preach at Reflektive.

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We set out to learn how Santa has become such a great manager, and we’ve distilled it down to the following series: 8 Days of Feedback.

1. Dancer

Santa recognizes the importance of positive feedback for the reindeer, so he consistently gives feedback and recognition for hard work. Learn more on the ROI of recognition in our popular blog post.

2. Donner

The holiday season is a stressful time for everyone, but especially anyone working in the North Pole. Santa makes a point to recognize the individuals (or reindeer) that help motivate others and keep morale high. Looking to implement more recognition in 2019? Here are 12 employee recognition ideas for the new year.

3. Prancer

Santa never misses his 1-on-1s. Even if he has to chase down the reindeer. Not convinced on the importance of 1-on-1s? Check out our article on why 1-on-1 meetings are essential to the success of your employees.

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4. Vixen

Performance reviews can be stressful for employees and managers alike. Check out a few recommended ways to turn performance reviews from dreadful to motivational. We also see parallels with dogs and reindeer, so check out our guide to giving your office dog their performance review.

5. Cupid

Even Santa has to deal with workshop harassment. Here are some tips on how to create a psychologically-safe work environment.

6. Blitzen

Managing high performers can be difficult, but the number one thing thing you can do to keep your star employees engaged is to keep challenging them. Here’s a great article on how to manage your high performing employees.

7. Comet

Being a manager isn’t always about praise and recognition. In order to develop and grow your employees (or reindeer), it’s crucial to give corrective feedback if they are ever doing something wrong. Just remember to always give critical feedback in person.

8. Rudolph

Santa’s emotional intelligence and empathy might be two of the best characteristics he has when it comes to management. Offering to help your employees can build your relationship and establish trust. Here are a few other great ways to establish employee trust and strengthen your management skills.

Of course, Santa’s years of experience have added to his success as a great manager, but word  on the street is he actually recently read our e-book: 51 Hacks to Become a Better Manager. The good news is you can download it for free, too!