10 Top Trends Shaping the Workplace in 2017

With the war for talent heating up, companies are competing harder than ever to attract top talent for their growing teams. But how are they doing it? Employee experience and workplace wellness are front and center in the conversation on how to attract and retain talent across all industries.

From info we gathered at SHRM a few weeks back, to current trends in the media, we have compiled a list of top workplace trends for 2017.

The rising millennial workforce is one of the hottest topics when considering the modern workplace. Not only do millennials have a particular management style, but they are also more in-tune with modern technologies and are the most socially connected generation of our time. This means workplaces need to evolve to serve the needs of younger generations, which include more flexibility and unique benefits.

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Technology companies are a great example of organizations that align their benefits to millennials’ lifestyles. This is a huge reason why tech is the most desirable industry to work in for younger generations.

New technology is also important to keep in mind when talking about workplace trends. In the upcoming years, HR professionals will need to embrace and leverage new technologies by thinking of creative ways to incorporate them into their existing recruiting and performance management frameworks.