Reflektive and Jawbone is an American privately held consumer technology and wearable products company. It develops and sells wearable technology such as wristbands and portable audio devices, wireless speakers, Bluetooth headsets, and related technology.

Reflektive Products: Real-Time Feedback, Performance Reviews


"When we came to understand what Reflektive was doing, we were really attracted to the fact that there was a similarity to our approach in how they built their product, in this idea of make it easy to access, integrate it with existing systems, and don't make it harder to get access to something than it needs to be."

-- Randy Knaflic, VP People Operations, Jawbone


  • Did not have a performance management system in place
  • Attrition feedback survey results said that people did not know how they were viewed and valued 
  • Sought to create lightweight and easy-to-use process for employees to give and receive feedback


  • Added Reflektive Performance Reviews with Real-Time Feedback
  • Rolled out in a layered process starting with Performance Reviews and adding additional Reflektive products and features
  • Leveraged Reflektive to motivate and engage remote workforces with daily feedback


  • Over 80 percent of employees said they received "meaningful feedback" with Reflektive
  • "Exceeded expectations" in time to launch
  • "Really positive feedback" from employees on the Reflektive platform

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