BlueCat Lights Up Its 2-Week Sprints With Reflektive


The Challenge

In the world of enterprise technology, things move fast. BlueCat is constantly innovating and trying different things to develop solutions for their clients. Employees work in two-week sprints, so they’re constantly reviewing their work and accessing performance. In this type of environment, traditional performance management doesn’t fit.

“I think performance management should be an ongoing conversation,” said Cheryl Kerrigan, VP of People at BlueCat. “I think gone are the days, especially in technology companies, where you can set goals once a year and expect them to never change.”

BlueCat was looking for a performance management solution that was as agile as the way the company works and could allow for feedback across the organization.

The Solution

BlueCat turned to Reflektive to transform its performance management into a process that’s better aligned with the company’s work culture. With Reflektive’s real-time feedback, goal management, and performance review solutions, the company found tools that enabled their processes.

“I’ve honestly looked at every single performance management system out there and what I was so excited about with Reflektive was that this was a tool that would take what we wanted to do and make that happen. They took three of the things I was struggling with – recognition, career path, and giving feedback – and they really made it super malleable and easy for me to have those conversations and drive out what it meant to us,” Kerrigan said.

The feedback tool supports the company’s need for peer input and recognition, goal management helps align employees to personal and company objectives, and performance reviews are tailor-fit to the company’s needs.


BlueCat always valued peer feedback among their teams, and with Reflektive, people look forward to receiving that feedback to better their performance. They’ve also experienced a better learning environment as opposed to an HR process.

“Our employee engagement and adoption of the tool has been really great. When we rolled out our first conversation we actually had 98% participation, which is unheard of,” said Kerrigan. “People don’t like to fill in forms. This made it really easy for them to engage in a conversation. We are actually sitting at an 86% engagement rate across the company. Because of the way employees are getting feedback, they know what to work on, they’re engaged, they’re getting recognized, and they know how to grow their career.”

“The ultimate goal of performance management is that people are learning and people are getting better at what they do. They’re becoming better engineers, they’re becoming better quality professionals,” said Andrew Werktin, CPTO at BlueCat. “We’re creating a learning environment and this performance review process has more to do with that than sort of a more traditional HR compliance review.”

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“We do work in two-week sprints. We like performance management to be run in a similar way to the way we do work. That is, we want check-ins more often, we want it to be lighter weight. With Reflektive and the way we're rolling out Reflektive, it's an enabler for a process that's meaningful to us, as opposed to a tool that we need to use to do something.”

“We wanted a tool where we could have feedback happening across the organization, not just from manager to employee, and that’s what we found in Reflektive.”

Andrew Werktin


Cheryl Kerrigan

VP of People

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