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Back in the early stages of the company, Celmatix had to make quick decisions on how to build and scale its HR processes. Productivity and time were being wasted by high administrative demands, and managers were disengaged in the performance management process. Pretty soon, Celmatix realized that traditional annual performance reviews they were sending out were not cutting it, so the next generation women’s health company decided to make the switch to a real-time feedback approach.


At a critical point in its growth, Celmatix identified it needed a system that was scalable, agile, and reliable.

After identifying that annual reviews were preventing employees from receiving feedback year-round, Celmatix began looking for solutions that would keep their employees engaged with the mission and values of the company. Additionally, Celmatix was looking to improve its managerial process in order to cut down on administrative time and focus on feedback.

The Celmatix team ultimately selected Reflektive as their solution because it offered quick access to feedback, continuous communication, customizable question building and agility, and plug-in Integrations.

“For me, the biggest standout about Reflektive was its ease of communication and the fact that it wouldn’t contribute to more tool fatigue,” said Jana Biagio, VP of People. “By introducing it to the company, I knew we wouldn’t have to do a lot to get people to use the system in different ways.”


Celmatix was able to replace their annual reviews with a quarterly review process, and they launched continuous real-time feedback year-round. The Gmail and Slack integrations proved crucial for increasing adoption and usage of the platform for Celmatix employees, which in turn also helped prove the ROI for the new system.

Gone are the days where these performance reviews are these hefty processes that scare everybody.

Jana Biagio, Vice President of People at Celmatix

The Celmatix team has achieved 100% completion rates for review cycles, and 70% of their employees have received feedback in Reflektive from a coworker within the past year. They continue to measure the success of their people programs by sending out bi-weekly pulse surveys with Reflektive.

With the help of Reflektive, Celmatix was able to develop and formalize long-lasting HR processes that everyone in the company could participate in. By enabling employees to give and receive real-time feedback, the Celmatix’s People team proved to their employees that they are investment in their growth and development, which contributed overall to a more positive work culture.

Founded in 2009, Celmatix is a personalized medicine company focused on fertility and women’s health. Celmatix’s technology-enabled products empower people, through better data, to dramatically improve their chances of conceiving. Trough their award-winning platform, Polaris, women are able to take charge of their reproductive health with data, analytics, and genetics information. Celmatix’s dedication to women’s health landed them a spot on Fast Company’s 2017 list of Most Innovative Companies.
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Celmatix is the next generation women's health company transforming the way women and their physicians leverage genomics and data to make more informed proactive reproductive health decisions.
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“We're super excited to have Reflektive as a partner because it's built for agility, and we're confident in how it will be able to scale with us.”

“It was as easy as turning on the system and sending out emails welcoming everyone to Reflektive. After that, people were good to go.”

Lauren Sacher

Manager of People and Recruiting

Jana Biagio

VP of People

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