Instacart Relies on Reflektive to Sustain Its High-Growth Environment



Rapid growth and constant change are the name of the game for Instacart, a high-tech solution to get people their groceries in as little as an hour. It’s not just the produce that’s speedy: “As we rapidly scale, we need a lightweight, easy to use tool for recognitions and performance check-ins,” said Dave Osborne, senior regional director at Instacart in Chicago. “We were relying on inconsistent Google docs which resulted in an inconsistent experience for our employees.”

With several hefty funding rounds under its belt, Instacart found as it grew, employees wanted more frequent feedback to align their performance with the changes in corporate priorities. In addition, teams were working across departments to reach their goals for new city launches. Instacart wanted a way to both streamline feedback and make recognition more transparent between cross-functional teams.


Using the Real-Time Feedback tool and reviews from Reflektive is a seamless way for Instacart to keep moving quickly and get the performance management they require.

“Reflektive is intuitive and easy to use but also provides the right structure and reporting so that we can track usage and compliance,” said Osborne.

This means Instacart’s employees have the responsiveness they need to be nimble and keep up with the changes around them. With distributed employees across 16 offices in the US, speed and coordination are essential to success.

“By using the gmail plug-in and integrating Reflective with Slack, the team is able to engage in real-time feedback all day in a ‘public space,’”said Ru Cymrot-Wu, Senior HR Business Partner at Instacart. “Making feedback visible encourages or reminds others to engage. “


Using Reflektive brought a new level of transparency and recognition at Instacart. “We’ve used Reflektive to launch quarterly team and personal goals, as well as quarterly performance Check-Ins. This allows our team members’ development to be dynamic and responsive in a high-growth environment,” said Cymrot-Wu.

As engineering, operations, and other professionals work together their efforts are more visible and honored. This openness helps to encourage greater collaboration and a stronger sense of belonging.

Instacart employees take to Reflektive enthusiastically, showing a 99% review completion rate. They’ve generated over 975 unique pieces of recognition and over 3,900 interactions through Real-Time Feedback. With tools that integrate into their communication methods such as Slack, they’ve found an effortless way to keep growing quickly with the transparency they desire.

Instacart is a service for same-day grocery delivery. The company enables consumers to shop through an online platform and have groceries delivered by a personal shopper. Users can choose from a catalogue of over 500,000 items at local retail stores, and are able to mix items from multiple stores in their order. After closing a Series D funding round of $400M, Instacart is now expanding with more locations and new verticals such as home goods from Sur La Table. They now serve more than 1,200 cities in 25 US states.
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“Reflektive is intuitive and easy to use but also provides the right structure and reporting so that we can track usage and compliance.”

“We are invested in building a culture of feedback. Reflektive’s real-time feedback tool has been instrumental in this effort.”

Dave Osborne

Senior Regional Director

Ru Cymrot-Wu

Senior HR Business Partner

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