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As a wide-reaching media organization, Wavemaker was seeking a solution to measure and assess employee performance on a large scale. With over 5,000 employees located in more than 90 countries, the solution needed to be robust yet flexible. “There was little consistency in terms of how people were being measured with all the different systems across the globe,” said Marie-Claire Barker, global chief talent officer. “We wanted to make it simple for them.”

“Just because people are [creatives] doesn’t mean that they should be void of performance management,” said Pele Cortizo Burgess, global chief creative officer. “We all need that feedback.”


“We wanted to drive a culture of feedback, because by giving people [that] they can affect their own growth,” said Barker. “We selected Reflektive because it was flexible for our needs and had all the elements we were looking for.” Wavemaker launched Reflektive across the globe, using the Real-Time Feedback, Goal Management, Polls, and 1×1 Agenda tools to grow their feedback culture. Employees are able to give public recognition for good work, but also private pieces of feedback to help with development.

For this distributed workforce, Barker was especially glad about Reflektive’s mobile capacities. “It’s open next to my emails, so it’s very easy to quickly send recognition to someone who might have a job well done, but I also travel a lot, so having the capacity to give feedback through the app is great.”


With Reflektive, Wavemaker is able to manage performance across the world. Real-time feedback is essential to their culture of growth and innovation. “Don’t just live, thrive,” says their company motto, and Wavemaker is using Reflektive to do just that with feedback, goal setting, and check-ins. Recognition is shared by employees worldwide for all to see, which enables everyone to take pride in the positive feedback being shared as well as give input which impacts the entire company.

Wavemaker has achieved great success in manager utilization rates of Reflektive. Nearly 56% of all feedback worldwide has been given by managers to other employees at Wavemaker, which is a testament to the company’s core value, “grow people.”

From Poland to India to Australia, Reflektive has become part of daily life at Wavemaker. “There’s something really cool about being recognized from the UK for my efforts if I’m in Australia,” says Burgess. “Reflektive helps me celebrate, recognize, and champion talent that exists within Wavemaker. That is a culture which thrives.”

Wavemaker (formerly MEC) is one of the largest media agencies in the world, with a staff of over 5,000 people operating across more than 90 countries. It is a global group, and serves many high-profile brands such as Vodafone, Paramount, Chevron, Tiffany, Chanel, and more. Wavemaker’s primary business offerings are media buying and planning, but it has adapted to changing times by growing its digital media services. It now offers everything from advertising operations to content marketing and more. Five of these new services (content strategy, social, partnerships and experiences, SEO, creative) were consolidated in 2016 to form Wavemaker Wavemaker, a global content unit.
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“Reflektive helps me celebrate, recognize, and champion talent that exists within Wavemaker. That is a culture which thrives.”

“We wanted to drive a culture of feedback, because by giving people feedback they can affect their own growth.”

Pele Cortizo-Burgess

Global Chief Creative Officer

Marie-Claire Barker

Global Chief Talent Officer

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