Reflektive Raises $3.6M from Andreeseen Horowitz

SuccessFactors Founder Lars Dalgaard, General Partner at Andreeseen, leads seed round for next generation of performance management

SAN FRANCISCO, October 08, 2015  -- Reflektive today announced that it has raised $3.6M from Andreessen Horowitz to revolutionize performance management. Andreessen General Partner Lars Dalgaard, Founding CEO of SuccessFactors, led the round.

Reflektive was launched by a team from Disney Interactive who built many of the top-grossing mobile games in Disney's history. Reflektive founding CEO Rajeev Behera managed a team of 100 people at Disney and learned first hand how to lead a highly-engaged and productive team. 

“Rajeev is channeling his experience building successful gaming products into the development of enterprise software that apply gaming dynamics to surprise and delight users. For example, the capturing of synchronous and dynamic people performance assessment in-stream with daily email and business dialog has turned into a fast-growing revenue stream that is very promising.” – Lars Dalgaard, General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz

For middle managers in particular, Behera found that getting them to focus on employee development was a sizable and complex challenge. After researching a variety of different talent management products to support his team, Behera realized that they ended up taxing employees rather than enabling them. This led to the creation of Reflektive and a mission to blow up the old paradigm of talent management and re-build it to empower employees and managers, not stifle them. 

Employees dislike performance reviews because they’re inaccurate, take too much time to complete, and don’t actually help with career development. Reflektive believes that the future of employee performance feedback is real-time, intuitive and engaging. Since January 2015, the company has grown revenue by 350 percent and deployed 45 companies including Pinterest, Glassdoor, Lyft, Optimizely, Instacart and Thumbtack.

“At Pinterest, we’ve put company culture and employee development at the top of our priority-list. With that in mind, we partnered with Reflektive to build Check-Ins, a performance review system that allows for frequent, real-time feedback. The lightweight functionality of Check-Ins facilitate conversations between our managers and their teams, creating an environment where our employees can learn and grow more rapidly.” – Mike Joyner, People Operations Manager, Pinterest

The funding will support development and expansion of our real-time employee performance, engagement, and analytics platform that re-invents the way people give feedback.

Reflektive's goal is to help employees to improve and develop, but also to make them feel valued and become more engaged. Reflektive enables employees to give each other instant feedback through a simple, intuitive interface without leaving their core workflows.  

By designing intuitive, engaging, and data-driven management tools that empower employees, Reflektive's aim is to redefine the future of work.

We’ll be in touch shortly to discuss how you can get started with Reflektive. Thanks for connecting!