Stop Doing Painful Performance Appraisals ... there is a better way!

Performance appraisals are inaccurate and de-motivate employees.

9 out of 10 HR leaders say performance appraisals are not worth the investment. Managers feel their time is wasted filling out lengthy forms, and employees are frustrated by being evaluated on goals set a year earlier and no longer relevant.

"More HR professionals need to leverage technology so that every part of this process —from gathering feedback to analyzing employee data — is streamlined, objective and current," according to HRE Online.

Reflektive solves these challenges with tools that facilitate agile coaching, frequent feedback, and employee development. Our comprehensive product suite includes:

  • Real-Time Feedback
  • Performance Review Management
  • Performance Check-Ins
  • Goal Management

Say goodbye to performance appraisals, once and for all! Contact our team at Reflektive to learn more.

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