Reflektive Creates More Agility for HR and Goal-Oriented Teams

New Capabilities Empower Employees and Managers with Responsiveness and Self-Service Growth; Enable HR to Drive More Strategic Goals for the Business

SAN FRANCISCO, 9/20/17 — Reflektive, the real-time performance management company, today announced new features designed to empower HR leaders, managers and employees for more agile roles to drive individual and team performance. New Real-time Requests, Request Feedback, Goal Alignment and OKR Measurements tools simplify ongoing performance improvement, giving people more control to achieve goals and advance in their careers. For HR teams, these tools reduce their administrative burden allowing them to take a more strategic role in the organization. Rather than spending most of their time collecting performance feedback, following-up on goal progress and performance reviews, and other administrative tasks, HR leaders can instead focus on leveraging the platform to make strategic decisions that help their organizations achieve business goals.

The company has also launched new microlearning modules embedded throughout the Reflektive user-experience to guide both employees and administrators in fully leveraging every engagement opportunity and platform feature. A variety of educational content provides guidance on topics such as how to share positive feedback, give constructive criticism and prepare for 1-on-1 check-ins; this will be available to customers free-of-charge. In addition, following its recent SOC 2 security achievement announcement, Reflektive received Privacy Shield certification that delivers an additional layer of security and peace of mind for customers worldwide.

“Reflektive has been a meaningful solution for the entire WeddingWire team,” said Emily Markmann, VP of People. “WeddingWire, with over 900 employees in 7 offices serving consumers in 15 countries, is the leading global marketplace connecting engaged couples with their event professionals. We eliminated our annual performance review to promote a culture of continuous feedback, reinforcing our commitment to transparency and focus on employee development. Reflektive’s features facilitate an ideal cadence of communication between managers and employees, supporting our dedication to being a great place to work.”

Reflektive provides an industry-recognized performance management solution that combines comprehensive feedback and goal-oriented features within a single platform, seamlessly integrated into existing workflow tools such as Gmail, Slack and Outlook. The platform is designed to help companies cultivate responsive talent and foster organizational agility to innovate and execute in today’s fast-paced, high-growth business environments.

“We have been working with Reflektive for the past year and our engagement scores on employees receiving timely feedback have increased significantly,” said Cheryl Kerrigan, VP of People, BlueCat. “Our two highest scores from the last survey we conducted are that employees understand how their work contributes to the overall strategy of BlueCat and that they have a clear understanding of company strategy. I attribute this to being able to utilize a technology platform like Reflektive to track objectives, communicate timely feedback, and give visibility across the organization to overall company strategy.”

To help companies elevate their innovation, employee success, and performance management strategies, Reflektive’s new features, with general availability in Q4 calendar year 2017, include:

Real-Time Request Feedback

  • Real-Time Requests, giving managers a tool for collecting and aggregating comprehensive feedback from multiple sources on each member of their team. Through a uniquely seamless workflow that lets managers collect peer input about the professional development of their direct and indirect reports, Real-Time Requests help managers improve engagement and productivity and provide specialized coaching based on insights from sources beyond their own opinion. Peer input can be shared with the employee, or kept private, at the manager’s discretion.
  • Request Feedback, allowing employees to request actionable feedback on demand from managers or peers, creating psychological safety and eliminating the awkwardness around asking, “How am I doing?” Employees simply initiate a request for feedback regarding a recent project, event or other activity. All incoming feedback is logged to each employees’ My Feedback page, creating a timely record of recognition and constructive feedback that can be reviewed during periodic check-ins and performance reviews.

Goal Management

  • Goal Alignment, for mapping employee’s individual goals against team and company objectives, allowing employees to see exactly how their work contributes toward strategic goals and success. The system helps employees feel and be visually connected to the overall business strategy, which drives improved engagement and execution. At the same time, managers and executives can also understand progress on initiatives with full visibility into how individual contributors and teams are performing and responding to obstacles.
  • Objectives and Key Results (OKR) Measurements, providing a simple, flexible way for companies that use the objectives and key results model to track progress measurements as a percentage, raw number or dollar value. Employees can see their progress at a granular level, encouraging regular updates and more accurate analysis of personal progress, while leaders can track overall team progress and identify early warnings of potential challenges.

“Our core belief is that people, not companies, create value, and each of these capabilities are designed to put more power of value creation directly into the hands of each employee,” said Reflektive CEO Rajeev Behera. “Reflektive empowers HR, employees and managers with tools needed to take a more agile role in their employment growth and success while at the same time enabling organizations to be more agile to market changes by creating a communication channel to quickly align employees to shifting business priorities.”

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