Aligning Employee Goals In a Fast-Changing Business

Business needs change fast, and companies need the priorities of their workforce to keep up. One of the most critical aspects of creating a positive and sustainable environment of engagement is setting goals that are clear, measurable, and transparent. Employees, in turn, gain a clearer picture of the value their work brings to the organization, which drives engagement.

During a period of heightened growth, the people team at Dollar Shave Club implemented the digital Reflektive platform to track goals and performance. The real-time aspect of this tool enables employees to take initiative and to empower managers to have meaningful coaching conversations with improved visibility and accountability. More importantly, goal alignment provides a flexible process for laddering up individual goals with team and company initiatives.

Webcast Highlights:

  • Why goals enable better coaching conversations between managers and employees
  • How to make goals visible and easily communicated throughout the organization
  • Results of individuals taking control of their goal management, setting short term, long term, and personal goals

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