Making Manager-Employee Check-In Conversations Effective

Conducting one-on-one performance check-in conversations with our direct reports can often feel unstructured, hurried, or unpredictable. While most managers intend to conduct them consistently, they’re often apprehensive when it comes to the actual conversation.

Join Reflektive and Mala Grewal to examine the “HOW” of performance check-ins by taking viewers through the components of effective check-in conversations. This webinar will cover everything from how to design a good check-in program, to how to introduce the program to managers, and lastly to how to confidently conduct the conversation itself.

Learn how regular, focused check-in conversations can lead to outrageous productivity on your teams.

You will learn:

  • Realistic expectations of what makes a successful check-in conversation
  • How to structure your check-in conversations for success
  • Common check-in conversation mistakes and three tips to remedy them
  • Techniques to simplify and focus your check-in conversations

About our Presenter: 

Mala Grewal is a successful executive facilitator, coach, and change management consultant. She currently runs Talent Catalyst, a career performance consultancy committed to connecting millennials to their highest performance in a measurable way. Her clients have included Visa, Nestle, Apple, Disney, and Salesforce.

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