Turning Performance Management Into Coaching With Employee Check-Ins

The new world of performance management is performance coaching. How can you develop employees in a way that benefits both them and the company?

In Reflektive’s First Look webinar series, we address research-backed HR trends, philosophies used by leading companies, and show how a variety of unique strategies can be implemented in Reflektive.

Watch our webinar to learn:

  • Why more frequent feedback is mutually beneficial to employees and the company
  • How leading companies have shifted from annual reviews to monthly or quarterly check-ins
  • The many ways check-ins can be configured in Reflektive to fit your culture

About Our Presenter:

Ramesha Hamid

Ramesha Hamid is an associate product manager at Reflektive, focusing her time on growing our goals platform and empowering our development team in Bangalore. She started her career at Reflektive as a quality assurance analyst before joining the product team.

Ramesha holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Statistics to Economics and a Minor in Education from the University of California, Davis.

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