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Demandbase Engages 100% of the Company in Performance Programs


Paving the way for an entire genre of B2B marketing is no easy task, and at Demandbase it requires some of the best minds in tech. For their HR department, the name of the game is “attracting top tier talent, retaining [them], employee satisfaction, and employee engagement,” said Landon Pearson, VP of HR and talent acquisition. The need for sophisticated performance management continues to grow with each new hire and funding round.

Yet as with any expanding organization in tech, Demandbase needed fast, streamlined performance management tools. Rather than loading managers down with time-consuming tasks, they were looking for a solution to make everyone’s lives at work easier.


Demandbase began using Reflektive for performance reviews. The team wanted a solution to streamline the process of collecting and delivering long-term feedback for their managers. “When a manager sits down to do the performance review, 80% of the content should be written for them,” said Pearson. “They won’t have to start from scratch.”

“The beauty of Reflektive is that it collects data throughout the course of the year,” Pearson said. Using Reflektive for performance management means Demandbase can collect feedback at the most relevant time. This provides a more transparent picture of an employee’s performance when it comes time for annual reviews. Recognition for important work employees have done can get lost in the shuffle, but with Relektive everything is documented.


In 2017, Demandbase achieved an incredible 100% completion rate for their performance reviews.

“It’s truly a solution that doesn’t require training. People got into it and intuitively were able to understand how to use it, and that went a long way with the employee population,” said Peter Isaacson, chief marketing officer at Demandbase.

“The employees at Demandbase have been really happy using Reflektive,” said Pearson. “You make their job easier, because they get peer feedback, self-assessments, and real-time feedback throughout the course of the year.” Performance reviews are now easier, less stressful, and more efficient.

Demandbase continues to keep people engaged, winning the 5th Best Place to Work in the Bay Area for 2015 from Silicon Valley Business Journal.

Demandbase was formed to help B2B marketers be effective and deliver value. The company began with IP address mapping to assist marketers in identifying and targeting important accounts. Through this initial service, Demandbase enabled B2B marketers to deliver advertising to multiple prospects within a group, which is now called account-based marketing (ABM). Their services have grown since to a full suite of ABM solutions called the Demandbase B2B Marketing Cloud. The innovative bent doesn’t stop there: Demandbase closed a $65M financing round in May 2017 which is earmarked for cutting-edge AI and machine learning initiatives.


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“The employees at Demandbase have been really happy using Reflektive. You make their job easier.”

Landon Pearson
SVP of HR & Talent Acquisition

“From the business standpoint it didn’t require any selling at all. Everyone looked at this as a great solution for helping to professionalize how we delivered feedback, documented feedback, and documented our success against goals.”

Peter Isaacson

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