Case Study

Exabeam Powers Their 4x Growth and High Retention With Reflektive

The Challenge

In 2017, Exabeam was a small company of 90 people with a big vision to transform the landscape of cyberdefense. Their executive team knew they could not continue to scale their world-class products and company culture without the help of people management technology.
They hired an expert, Angela Schenone, to formalize their review process. At the time, Exabeam was managing their reviews through Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. This made it nearly impossible for Angela to track review completion rates or communicate company goals clearly to their growing staff. Having worked with archaic systems and spreadsheets in the past, Angela was ready to try something new.

She set out to find the right solution with one thing in mind, “How else can I bring our company values to life other than offer a performance system that is more than just a performance management system?”

The Solution

“I had been down the road of ugly systems before,” says Angela. “I needed something that would be easy to launch and administer. I needed something that would actually work.”

After evaluating several people management tools she ultimately chose Reflektive because of its superior user interface, highly supportive customer success team, and seamless integrations into Exabeam’s existing workflows including Outlook.

“Reflektive is very much a one-stop shop,” she says. “Our employees can do almost everything straight from the platform.”

Angela immediately kicked off a review cycle with Reflektive. She also helped the company implement two kinds of goals in Reflektive: cascading goals and quarterly MBO’s (Management by Objectives) tied to compensation. She built the programs to engage all employees, including contractors and full-time employees, from the Bay Area to Ukraine.

Best of all, it was really easy for Angela to train all employees on their new performance management solution. “People rarely ask questions because it’s all super straight-forward,” she says.

The Results

Since Exabeam invested in Reflektive, they have quadrupled in size with more than 400 employees to-date. Angela says Reflektive has become a part of the “cloth of the company.” “Reflektive has made my job exponentially easier, and it has made my employees happier,” she says.

Reflektive check-ins have saved each Exabeam manager an average of 18 hours per review cycle. Their 20 hours spent preparing for reviews has decreased to 2 hours, enabling them to focus on their in-person conversations.

With visible goals and automated reminders, more than 90% of employees completed their MBO’s and unlocked their full compensation, driving Exabeam’s strong retention rate.

“The programs we run in Reflektive play a big role in employee satisfaction and retention,” says Angela. “When people feel like they’ve been heard and are clear on their goals, they want to stay.”

Exabeam delivers next-generation security management technology that enables organizations to protect their most valuable information and empowers security teams to work smarter. The company’s recent industry accolades include Forbes Cloud 100, Inc. 500, and SC Awards Europe, among many other distinctions.

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Empower security operations and insider threat teams to work smarter

“The programs we run in Reflektive play a big role in employee satisfaction and retention. When people feel like they’ve been heard and are clear on their goals, they want to stay.”

Angela Schenone
Director of HR, Exabeam

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