Case Study

How Snag Tackled Employee Engagement in Less Than 30 Days

The Challenge

During Snag’s 19-year history of helping hourly workers find the right work, their industry underwent several major changes. With many new competitors and a rapidly evolving gig economy, Snag had to modify its business strategy and downsize in 2018. Subsequently, employee engagement fell at the company.

After two rounds of layoffs, Snag was ready to rebuild its culture. They sought to rebuild trust and transparency with employees. Facing low morale, Snag wanted to uncover underlying issues in employee sentiment, and determine the optimal ways to boost engagement in their workforce.

Snag decided to launch a company-wide survey to assess employee engagement. Snag’s data-savvy HR team evaluated a few solutions to see if they would fit the bill. Many tools lacked reporting flexibility, which was a big gap for a nimble HR team looking to slice and dice data. An intuitive user interface – for both the HR team and employees taking the survey – was also crucial for Snag.

Snag liked that Reflektive’s Engagement product was built on its People Intelligence solution, and integrated with its Performance offering. Reflektive’s data-driven approach enabled Snag to view real-time survey data in pre-built, customizable dashboards and reports. Leveraging Reflektive’s Performance and Engagement solutions together also conveyed meaningful benefits: Snag could view all of their people data in one place and drive accountability through continuous performance management.

The Solution

Snag was excited to get started quickly with Reflektive. In less than 30 days, the HR team was able to run their engagement survey, analyze results, conduct focus groups, and present to executive leadership.

“With Reflektive, we could easily see where the problem areas were,”  said Katie Webber, Senior HR Manager. “We looked at the data in many different dimensions, and this tool saved us countless hours building pivot tables and charts.”

“We looked at the data in many different dimensions, and this tool saved us countless hours building pivot tables and charts.”

Katie Weber
Senior HR Manager

Snag ran their engagement survey for two weeks and achieved a notable 85% completion rate. With Reflektive’s People Intelligence solution, they were able to analyze data from multiple sources, including their HRIS. They could view responses by many employee attributes including team, location, and gender, and analyze results instantly through interactive data visualizations.

With data from People Intelligence, Snag uncovered two crucial focus areas: company leadership and communication. They complimented this quantitative data with focus group research, which confirmed their initial findings.

Katie shared her insights with the executive team first. Then, she led a company-wide meeting to drive transparency and visibility. With actionable data from Reflektive, Snag developed their first company-wide goal related to employee engagement.

“We were all really happy about the content in the survey,” said Megan Overton, VP of Product Management. “In the past, everything was tied to your email address and people were less willing to share. With Reflektive, everyone could be open and honest.”

The Results

By embracing transparency and vulnerability, Snag was able to improve trust and morale throughout their employee base. Snag’s journey is still underway, but early indicators suggest they’re on the right path.

“Reflektive’s Engagement solution has empowered our managers with data to more effectively manage their teams,” said Katie. “By acting on insights from People Intelligence, managers are already receiving praise from their reports. One senior leader saw an immediate lift in the quality of conversation at his weekly team meeting simply by making a few changes based on the survey.”

What’s more, a few employees have said that they stopped interviewing with other employers after the Snag engagement share-out. “That’s less people we have to recruit for,” said Katie, “By being vulnerable and not dancing around things, we were able to show our commitment to positive, long-term partnerships with our employees.”

Snag is the largest and fastest-growing platform for hourly work, with more than 60 million active job seekers and job opportunities at 300,000 employer locations in the US and Canada. Snag’s on-demand service instantly connects hourly workers with available shifts, giving workers the flexibility of working when and where they choose while employers are assured every shift stays filled.


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“Engagement data helped us to be transparent. We were very honest with issues. We still have work to do, but it was a great first step in rebuilding that trust with employees.”

Katie Webber
Senior HR Manager at Snag

“Getting in-depth data – and seeing how I can influence things for my team – was so helpful. I loved being able to see the top 3 things we’re doing well, and the top 3 things we need to work on.”

Megan Overton
VP of Product Management at Snag

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