Build, Update, or Replace: Choosing the Right Performance Review Strategy for Your Organization

Everyone in HR knows the “old way” of doing performance management is useless in the modern workplace.

However, deciding whether or not your company needs to replace, update or build a brand new performance management program altogether is where most HR leaders get stuck.

At Reflektive, we’ve helped more than 400 companies invest in the performance management revolution. Join our experts Audrey Zigmond, Customer Engagement Lead, and Justin Lo, Product Marketing, to learn how three companies of various sizes and with vastly different cultures and pain points were able to design and launch successful performance management programs that improved company culture and served their bottom line.

Key learnings:

  • Gain research-backed tips on what kind of performance management program to adopt based on your business needs
  • Learn the steps three well-known companies took to identify unique solutions to their problems and achieve positive success metrics
  • Learn best practices for getting started, finding the right executive champion, and measuring your success from the get-go

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