Transform Performance Management With Goals and Check-Ins

It’s so clear that the new trends in performance management are far more effective. They empower managers to coach by sharing feedback more frequently, driving both employee development and business success.

But how do you transform your workplace to embrace this new model … and what about documentation?

Join Meghan M. Biro and Rachel Ernst for this hands-on, practical guide to making the shift. We’re talking about the nuts and bolts, the best tactics and practices. It’s going to be a dynamic conversation between these two HR powerhouses. We’ll cover:

  • Why performance reviews backfire — there’s a neurological reason
  • How to train your managers on having great feedback conversations that drive results
  • Why timing is everything: How to determine the frequency of feedback
  • How often to do check ins with employees — and why they’re so effective
  • How to generate all the documentation you need without having to do formal reviews
  • Why goals should be a key part of every performance discussion — and why you should let employees drive the conversation

Setting up the new model of performance management in your organization is easier than you think. Learn just how to put these innovations to work for your performance management — and drive tangible engagement and better performance, across the board.

Meet Our Presenters

Meghan M Biro

Meghan M. Biro

Meghan M. Biro is a globally recognized HR technology analyst, author, speaker and brand strategist. The founder of TalentCulture, she hosts #WorkTrends, a popular weekly Twitter Chat and podcast. Her career spans across recruiting, talent management, digital media and brand strategy for hundreds of companies, from startups to global brands like Microsoft, IBM and Google. Meghan can be regularly found on Forbes, SHRM, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur and a variety of other outlets. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram @MeghanMBiro.

rachel ernst

Rachel Ernst

Rachel Ernst is the Head of Employee Success at Reflektive. In her role, she focuses both on internal employee development, as well as building knowledge for Reflektive’s customers on change management, goal management, check-ins, real-time feedback, and employee engagement polling. Her background in HR spans across compensation, learning and development, leadership coaching, people analytics and organizational design. She is particularly passionate about evolving the performance management ecosystem to fulfill its ultimate goal of inspiring high performance through ongoing, real-time feedback.

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