Facebook’s Performance Review Process

Facebook’s Performance Review Process

Facebook has not only risen as the world’s number one social network, it has also consistently topped prestigious “Best Companies To Work For” lists such as Glassdoor’s and Business Insider’s year after year.

What makes Facebook so successful when it comes to creating a productive, happy workplace? And how can your company benefit from following their example?

In this HR Innovator Series webinar, Reflektive’s senior product manager Daniel Ho, who recently left his role at Facebook to help revolutionize performance management for businesses of all sizes, will share key takeaways from his experience with the company’s unique performance management processes that you can apply to your own organization to achieve success.

Attendees will learn:

  • Why Facebook is consistently rated one of the best companies to work for
  • How Facebook uses performance reviews to impact employee development
  • The unique way Facebook’s performance management process goes above and beyond 360 reviews

About Our Presenter, Daniel Ho

Daniel joined the product management team at Reflektive at the beginning of 2016. Prior to Reflektive, he was a Product Growth Manager at Facebook, helping to drive strategy, research, and testing for key advertising products. He brings to the team over 10 years of knowledge in launching web, mobile, social, and e-commerce products for consumers and enterprises, through his experiences at Initiative Media, Optim.al (acquired by Brand Networks), and NexTag.

Daniel holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of California Los Angeles and a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University.

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