Optimize Employee Productivity With Quarterly Check-Ins

Optimize Employee Productivity With Quarterly Check-Ins

As the nature of work, collaboration, and competition become more ad hoc, distributed and complex, managers have a unique opportunity to help their employees be more productive and engaged through the entire talent lifecycle.

Join Vanessa Thompson – Research Vice President at IDC, Stephen Owens – ‎AVP of Learning & Talent Development at Protective Life and Sophie You – Senior Product Manager at Reflektive as they discuss the data, trends, and playbook for making employees successful from hire to promotion.

You’ll learn:

  • How to create an effective manager/direct report check-in
  • Why feedback is fundamental to productive collaboration
  • What to expect at each stage of the employee talent lifecycle

Featured Guest Speakers:

Vanessa Thompson
VP Research, Collaboration

Stephen Owens
VP, Talent Acquisition and Leadership Development

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