Why Positive Psychology Belongs in Feedback

A hot topic across organizations and among HR Business Partners is changing the way organizations provide feedback. Articles pose, “Is the Annual Performance Review Dead?” and point out that GE, Accenture, Microsoft, Adobe, Gap, Medtronic, and some 10% of Fortune 500 companies have eliminated performance reviews or ranking systems altogether.

Unfortunately, the way feedback is delivered in most companies is broken, whether it comes through a performance review or a 360 feedback system. Intentions are compromised, context is lacking, and all too often it’s focused on what’s not working vs identifying what the employee could be doing to excel. Additionally, feedback systems lack ongoing support from stakeholders – the “people system” – to help the employee successfully grow and change.

In this session we will share concepts to address these shortfalls and shift participants’ mindset so that feedback becomes far more constructive and enjoyable for both those giving and receiving. We’ll discuss positive psychology and key concepts such as strength-based coaching, solution focused inquiry, and defining desired outcomes, along with a close look at human systems and importance of social support. Participants will leave with more energy and ideas for transforming feedback in their lives and organizations.

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