Anese Cavanaugh

Creating a Positively Contagious Culture from the Inside Out

Find out how to create a contagiously positive culture from the inside out at any company from Anese Cavanaugh, author of Contagious Culture.  Anese's advice applies to you, whether you work for a tech startup or an established, traditional organization.


In this video, you'll learn:

  • How managers can build awareness of what's going on with their reports.
  • Why real-time feedback matters to every type of organization, department, and professional relationship.
  • Proven applications to perfect the 1-on-1 process in order to unlock all employees' (especially managers) highest potential.

About Anese Cavanaugh

Anese Cavanaugh is the creator of the IEP Method (Intentional Energetic Presence) as well as a leadership and collaboration advisor, strategist, and thinking partner for business leaders in the design, service and innovation spaces.

Anese Cavanaugh is a dynamic, highly sought after speaker who has been called “transformational.” Anese has appeared on stages across the country—Stanford University, the Inc. Women’s Summit, the Education Equals Partnership Annual Conference, and many others—all in service of Showing Up well and creating positive impact in the world.

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