Why Google Made Managers the Kingpin of Performance Management

Google-Spotlight-Cover-460x600_V2Google made optimization the backbone of its products, and it's no surprise data is applied to people management, too. 

Project Oxygen revolutionized human resources, paving the way for programs correlating good management to optimal performance. So, how is Google running performance reviews, and how does the technology company scale manager quality across its global workforce?

In this resource, you'll learn how Google reinvented performance management to better motivate and retain employees.

You will learn:

  • How Google uses goal management to drive efficiency and develop employees
  • Why the company cares about the "how" of performance, not just "what"
  • How you can implement a performance management system similar what Google uses

Disclosure: Reflektive does not have a business relationship with Google, but thought you could benefit from its performance management story.


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