Reflektive Professional Services Description

Onboarding Services

Customer will be assigned a Customer Onboarding Manager (COM) who will be the primary point of contact for the first 2 months of the service term, and will plan and coordinate all onboarding activities to support the initial launch of Reflektive.  

The Onboarding CSM will provide up to 30 hours of professional services to assist with the following activities:  

  • Strategy Alignment & Planning
    • Develop onboarding project plan and timeline based on a review of customer vision, strategy, objectives and readiness
  • Platform Setup & Configuration
    • Configure Reflektive products based on customer requirements, objectives and branding using Reflektive’s Best Practices Configuration guide
    • Assist with integration of Reflektive with customer’s Single Sign On (SSO) solution
    • Assist with integration of Reflektive with employee data from customer’s HRIS/HCM system
    • Assist with central deployment of Reflektive plug-in to customer’s end users
  • Training
    • Provide overview training of Reflektive products to the project team
    • Provide access to on-demand training resources for Reflektive products
    • Conduct one recorded Train-the-Trainer session for each Reflektive product
  • Go-Live Planning & Support
    • Assist customer in the development of a Launch Plan, and provide templates for internal communications and training for employees & managers
    • Support the customer during QA and Testing of Reflektive
    • Conduct a post-launch executive review based on program analysis, usage and employee feedback.  Identify recommendations for program enhancements and expansion

Ongoing Services

  • (Additional Fee) Assigned Customer Success Manager, with a regular cadence of post go-live meetings to review program results and identify opportunities for improvement and expansion
  • Unlimited access to Reflektive Knowledge Center
  • Unlimited access to Reflektive Standard Customer Support Services