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Nurture Your Culture of
Continuous Development with
Reflektive Real-Time Feedback

Featuring Reflektive for Gmail, Outlook and Apple Mail (patent-pending)

Nurture a Culture of
Continuous Feedback

Less than 20% of employees receive routine feedback. RTF provides employees with an easy, organic way to share feedback in the moment.

Increase Check-In & Performance Review Accuracy

RTF automatically ports into Reflektive's Check-In and Review solutions, avoiding recency bias and dramatically improving accuracy.

Increase Employee Engagement and Retention

Retain your talent by ensuring managers are giving regular and valuable feedback. It's easy with our patent-pending RTF email plugins.

The Reflektive Real-Time Feedback Solution

Patent-Pending Real-Time Feedback Plugin for Gmail & Outlook integrated seamlessly into your employee's daily workflows.

Opportunities for feedback happen all the time, not just once a week or month. It's unfortunately easy to forget these developmental moments when it comes time for the next manager-employee meeting. Employees are more likely to be disengaged and leave your company without regular feedback. Yet only 20% of employees receive routine feedback.

In order for a feedback tool to be useful, it needs to be lightweight and easily accessible. Reflektive RTF was built to keep employees in their workflows when giving and saving feedback in the moment.

Our patent-pending Gmail, Outlook and Apple Mail plugin and Slack integration make it easy to give and receive continuous feedback.



Patent-Pending Gmail & Outlook Plugin

Your Real-Time Feedback tool is only as successful as it's usage. We make it easy for your employees to give continuous feedback with our patent-pending Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail plug-in and Slack integration. Usage dramatically increases when employees can participate from their preferred application. Asking employees to go to separate web or mobile applications to give feedback is a recipe for disaster. Reflektive was designed from the ground up to drive adoption and engagement. 


Social Recognition & Peer Feedback

Feedback shouldn't just come from managers. Peer feedback and social recognition is a powerful motivator for your employees. Reflektive RTF makes it easy for employees to publicly recognize their peers for contributions and exhibiting your company's core values, right in their email (Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail) or Slack app. An optional peer bonus offering also can enable employees to gift points towards rewards to their peers for a job well done.

Right-Time Feedback & Documentation

Not all feedback should be given "in the moment." But if you don't make it easy for your managers to easily save this feedback for their next 1-on-1, it will quickly be forgotten. Reflektive RTF enables "Feedback-on-Demand" for managers to save and store feedback to easily share at the right moment - whether that's later that day, the weekly 1-on-1, quarterly check-in, or even the annual review.


Real-Time Feedback Resources

Learn how to implement a culture of continuous feedback at your company.

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