What’s New

On this page, you’ll find information about many of the new features we’ve rolled out to make Reflektive an even better platform for managing your performance management and employee development.

As companies’ org charts expand, calibrations are an important tool to keep performance management agile and fair. Our live calibrations allow admins to directly and easily update calibration scores within Reflektive without having to export and import scores and additional files.

Brings our simple, intuitive, and seamless real-time feedback experience to the Outlook Web interface with our plug-in. Provide and request feedback, recognize others for achievements, view goals, and set 1×1 agenda items all within Outlook Web email.

Assess, rate, and develop employees with flexible 1-10 rating scales. You can now design and customize your review and check-in process and choose rating scales of any length between 1-10 points on a per-question basis through the Review Builder. The rating scales provides employees a different way of rating and being evaluated that will improve the type of feedback data they receive.

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Real-Time Requests is a manager-driven feature that allows managers to request feedback at any time to as many people as they wish about their indirect and direct reports.  Managers can collect tangible examples of behavior and peer feedback more often and give development coaching to their employees without the limitations of a review cycle.  It truly empowers managers to drive development conversations based on other sources outside their own opinion with an employee.

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Our OKR measures provide a flexible way to track Key Result measurements.  When enabled, each key result on a goal has its own progress measurement, and progress can be tracked as a percent, raw number, or dollar value. Overall goal progress is then derived as an average of the progress percent of all key results.  Leaders can easily track progress on the goals to identify potential challenges, while employees can easily monitor their progress at a granular level.

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Goal Alignment creates a simple, flexible system for tracking how individuals are contributing towards broader company objectives. Employees can align their goals to other individual goals, team goals, or company goals, and leaders can track progress on all aspects of the projects they care about most. These simple links create transparent, actionable visual outlines that provide context for employees and early visibility for leadership.

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Reflektive supports the 9-box methodology for evaluating talent.  A new question type that appears appears as a 3X3 grid, organizations can evaluate talent on two axes, typically Performance and Potential.  These factors then can be combined into a core persona, which can be used to plan their needs.  9-Box questions are available in any review/check-in format and configurable in the Review Builder.  Only for managers, 9-Box questions will appear in the Survey, and will appear in reporting.

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Team Recognition empowers your employees to recognize others with a simple and intuitive workflow within the Reflektive platform and seamlessly through our Gmail and Outlook plug-ins as well as Slack.  More importantly, promote collaboration among teams, project teams and small groups by recognizing them and sending feedback to multiple employees at once.

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Our Request Feedback feature gives employees the ability to request feedback and gather actionable feedback from managers at any time. Seamless and intuitive, employees can request feedback that is private between the sender and the recipient.

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