5 Tips for Choosing an HR Tech Provider

Good human resources technology is absolutely necessary in today’s landscape. With more competition than ever to acquire top talent, recruiters and HR personnel need to focus on the tasks that matter while letting technology automate the rest.

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But with so many HR technology providers out there, how do you know which one is right for your company?

Know Your Requirements

Start the selection process by asking yourself, “What specific issues do I want to resolve with this new technology?” Identify the pain points and obstacles that regularly cause headaches for your HR department.

What slows down the team and causes inefficiencies? What features would make your team more effective? Once you’ve done that self-examination, create a list of requirements that’s unique to your business needs. Then, let those requirements guide your research and selection.


While the HR team should be leading the search for a tech provider, the selection process should include others within the organization. Consult with any stakeholders that will use the new system once it’s implemented—how will new technology affect their day-to-day operations? What pain points and issues do they regularly face, and how can the new system alleviate those issues?

The IT department is also critical during the selection process. You need to ensure that new human resources technology is compatible with existing IT infrastructure. The last thing you want is to go through an extensive selection process, choose a great system, then discover that it’s a nightmare to integrate with your company’s current tech.

Know the Vendor

The relationship with your vendor shouldn’t end once the sale is finalized. You want to choose a vendor that’s going to be your partner, providing continual service and support before, during, and after installation. Research is the best way to do this—read the reviews, talk to other companies that use the software, know what tech support the company offers.

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You should also be familiar with what sort of training the software requires, as well as what resources the vendor provides during the training and implementation process.

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Ensure the Tech is Scalable

When assessing your HR technology needs, look beyond the immediate and consider long-term growth. The right tech will not only fit your company right now but will also fit your company five years from now. Will the system be able to scale up as you hire new employees? Is the system flexible enough to adapt to changes inside and outside the organization? Part of your process for selecting new HR tech should be to develop a check-in schedule for regularly evaluating the system.

Ensure the Tech is Secure

You can’t afford to put your employees’ sensitive data at risk. When researching new technology, you should develop a thorough understanding of each system’s security measures. How is the system going to protect you against a data breach? What backup processes are in place? The HR team needs to work closely with management to determine who within the company will have access to secure data.

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