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Our Mission is Employee Growth

Reflektive is committed to employee success—for your employees and ours! We believe that every employee deserves a great manager, a clear career path, and ample opportunities for development and professional growth.

(and loving every minute of it)
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  • $500K in funding
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Meet our founders

Rajeev Behera

Rajeev Behera

Chief Executive Officer
Erick Tai

Erick Tai

Co-Founder & Head of Engineering
Jimmie Tyrrell

Jimmie Tyrrell

Co-Founder & Head of Security
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Supporting employee-obsessed
businesses since 2014

It all started with a simple insight. At the time, our CEO, Rajeev Behera was an executive for a rapidly growing game developer, and he noticed that all of the available HR solutions were great at managing process, but pretty worthless for supporting talent . And he saw employees and managers grinding through annual performance reviews that offered little of practical value.

He thought: Shouldn’t there be an easy way for people to give and receive feedback as it happens?

Reflektive was born soon after—and we’ve been growing ever since. Since day one, we’ve been passionate about helping every employee reach their fullest potential. Our talented and creative team started with an intuitive continuous feedback tool, which is now the basis of our robust performance management solution.

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