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Reflektive is the first people management platform that helps employees and managers work better together.







Our Story

We’re here to fix people management.

Inspiration hit when our CEO, Rajeev Behera, took on a new role. He began overseeing more than 70 people when the rapidly growing game developer he worked for went through an acquisition. He’d previously been managing around 10 direct reports, and now got a front row seat to the challenges managers face and lack of preparation they are given.

In this new role, he noticed the managers below him excelled at managing tasks, but couldn’t manage people. Because of this, the company struggled to retain top talent, much less motivate them. He looked for a tool that would help.When he couldn’t find one, he created Reflektive.

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Customers for Life
We are dedicated to building and delivering products and services that help our customers succeed for the long-term.
Stronger Together
Our success hinges on our ability to work together as a team.
Be Curious
Our endless curiosity and focus on listening first keeps us on the cutting edge of innovation.
Extra Mile
We are nimble, scrappy, trail blazers who go the distance to accomplish extraordinary results.
Always Learning
We check our egos at the door and approach our work with a growth mindset and the ongoing opportunity to improve through feedback.

Meet our founders

“Your employees reaching their full potential should be your team's #1 priority.”

"Successful leaders communicate well. We help managers and employees to have better conversations and higher-performing relationships."

"Cultivate a real-time culture with people insights. This will help you build knowledge and skills your team needs now for the future of work."

Rajeev Behera

Co-Founder & CEO

Jimmie Tyrrell

Co-Founder & Director of Engineering

Erick Tai

Co-Founder & Head of Engineering


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