We’re focused on your performance.

Our experience with hundreds of organizations informs our approach and how we can help you get the results from performance management you deserve.

Our point of view

Performance management isn’t dead.

Top performers welcome accountability.
Growing businesses depend on it.

We believe too many organizations treat performance management as either an inefficient, compliance-based activity or as a soft, feel-good kudos program. Both approaches leave a gap in actually improving performance for the individual and for the company. There’s a third way.

With Reflektive, you can scale constructive, ongoing conversations that keep your people and your business continuously improving.

The new foundation of performance management.

Continuously communicate.

Performance management is an ongoing conversation that supports the growth of the individual and the company.

Recognition and feedback is the fuel.

We grow through recognition and feedback. This happens online, in real-world 1:1s, and through reviews that promote accountability and fairness.

Goals are required.

Goals are the most important priorities that an individual, team, or company is focused on and thus crucial for driving performance at work.

Engage with recognition.

Recognition is key to improving employee engagement. Leverage engagement surveys as a leading indicator on productivity, performance, and retention.

Optimize through analytics.

You improve what you measure. Analytics provide critical visibility into the health of performance management across your company.

Empower through technology.

Coaching is hard. Becoming a great manager takes work. Technology can guide people to the right behaviors and the right outcomes.

We’ve helped hundreds of companies achieve top performance.