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Instacart’s investment in building a culture of feedback.

The grocery delivery service explains how they connected with their internal teams in a more meaningful way.

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Reflektive has helped us build an inclusive, connected culture of feedback. Reflektive meshes with our feedback culture and actually shows how we are executing on it versus just talking about it. - Sara Davies, Director of People Operations

“Having started my career in HR, I learned early on that investing in people for the long term, not just the here and now, is crucial to running a successful business. That’s why we chose to invest in Reflektive.” - Sean Duffy, CEO

“We're super excited to have Reflektive as a partner because it's built for agility, and we're confident in how it will be able to scale with us.” - Lauren Sacher, Manager of People and Recruiting

“Reflektive’s 360 annual review tools gives each of us a voice into the organization.” - Robb Woods, Director of Global Systems Engineering

“Our new process with Reflektive generates such a tremendous positive vibe internally. It is a focused solution that encourages positive real-time feedback. It also has the ability to go into a light-touch review processes, and it also enables a goals process that is real-time in nature.” - Rob McClellan, CTO

“One of the key drivers to building a culture of engagement is helping employees feel valued through recognition. Reflektive is a must-have tool that enables us to practice humanity at work.” - Jason Medley, VP of People

“We do work in two-week sprints. We like performance management to be run in a similar way to the way we do work. That is, we want check-ins more often, we want it to be lighter weight. With Reflektive and the way we're rolling out Reflektive, it's an enabler for a process that's meaningful to us, as opposed to a tool that we need to use to do something.” - Andrew Werktin, CPTO

“The employees at Demandbase have been really happy using Reflektive. You make their job easier.” - Landon Pearson, SVP of HR & Talent Acquisition

“Reflektive is intuitive and easy to use but also provides the right structure and reporting so that we can track usage and compliance.” - Dave Osborne, Senior Regional Director

“We recognize that the talent people bring to us is really going to be the sustainable competitive advantage.” - Stephen Owens, VP of Talent Acquisition and Leadership Development

“Reflektive helps me celebrate, recognize, and champion talent that exists within Wavemaker. That is a culture which thrives.” - Pele Cortizo-Burgess, Global Chief Creative Officer

“As we worked more with Reflektive, they continued to iterate and drive against our vision." - Joel Constable, Head of People Development

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