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Instacart’s investment in building a culture of feedback.

The grocery delivery service explains how they connected with their internal teams in a more meaningful way.

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“Having started my career in HR, I learned early on that investing in people for the long term, not just the here and now, is crucial to running a successful business. That’s why we chose to invest in Reflektive.” - Sean Duffy, CEO

“We're super excited to have Reflektive as a partner because it's built for agility, and we're confident in how it will be able to scale with us.” - Lauren Sacher, Manager of People and Recruiting

“Reflektive’s 360 annual review tools gives each of us a voice into the organization.” - Robb Woods, Director of Global Systems Engineering

“Our new process with Reflektive generates such a tremendous positive vibe internally. It is a focused solution that encourages positive real-time feedback. It also has the ability to go into a light-touch review processes, and it also enables a goals process that is real-time in nature.” - Rob McClellan, CTO

“One of the key drivers to building a culture of engagement is helping employees feel valued through recognition. Reflektive is a must-have tool that enables us to practice humanity at work.” - Jason Medley, VP of People

“We do work in two-week sprints. We like performance management to be run in a similar way to the way we do work. That is, we want check-ins more often, we want it to be lighter weight. With Reflektive and the way we're rolling out Reflektive, it's an enabler for a process that's meaningful to us, as opposed to a tool that we need to use to do something.” - Andrew Werktin, CPTO

“The employees at Demandbase have been really happy using Reflektive. You make their job easier.” - Landon Pearson, SVP of HR & Talent Acquisition

“Reflektive is intuitive and easy to use but also provides the right structure and reporting so that we can track usage and compliance.” - Dave Osborne, Senior Regional Director

“We recognize that the talent people bring to us is really going to be the sustainable competitive advantage.” - Stephen Owens, VP of Talent Acquisition and Leadership Development

“Reflektive helps me celebrate, recognize, and champion talent that exists within Wavemaker. That is a culture which thrives.” - Pele Cortizo-Burgess, Global Chief Creative Officer

“As we worked more with Reflektive, they continued to iterate and drive against our vision." - Joel Constable, Head of People Development

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