Reflektive Customer Series: Flipp Achieves 100% Adoption of Feedback, Reviews, and Goals with Improved Performance Processes

Since 2007 Flipp has helped retailers create and distribute digital content that inspires discovery. The company has built its reputation on creating an amazing user experience — and Flipp is now applying the same user-centricity to their employee performance programs too. In 2017, Flipp partnered with Reflektive to drive ongoing feedback through high-quality conversations. Read our below Q&A with Tyler Moulton, HR Business Partner, to learn how Flipp boosted employee involvement in their new performance programs.

Reflektive: Can you tell us a little bit about Flipp?

Tyler: Flipp is the number one provider of digital circulars in North America, with over 50 million downloads across Canada and the US, and over one million product views per minute. We do this through partnerships with over 90% of the largest retailers in North America, including Lowe’s, Rite Aid, and Walmart.  

Reflektive: Why did the company decide to partner with Reflektive in 2017?

Tyler: Prior to Reflektive, everyone was managing performance in a different way. People used Google Forms, email, and Slack. We were unable to drive and track high-quality conversations. 

We looked at several vendors, but Reflektive really resonated with us because of their consultative partnership and commitment to ongoing feedback. We knew that Reflektive would enable us to drive our culture forward, and make it easy to develop our people. We also have observed great product improvements from Reflektive during our partnership.

Reflektive: How have you changed your performance processes with Reflektive?

Tyler: When we were using Google Forms, we had three formal reviews per year. We’ve changed this process to enable managers and employees to have more meaningful conversations throughout the year. 

We now have an annual performance review, and a mid-year check-in. Throughout the rest of the year, we have:

  • Quarterly developmental syncs
  • Quarterly peer feedback conversations
  • Monthly goals syncs
  • Weekly or bi-weekly manager meetings

Reflektive: How are employees having these discussions with their managers?

Tyler: We encourage folks to use Reflektive 1:1s. With the 1:1s, team members can keep track of what they discussed in their conversations. And the pre-built Conversation Starters help folks initiate important discussions too!

Reflektive: That’s great to hear! How else have you improved Flipp’s performance processes for your different stakeholders?

Tyler: We took advantage of all that Reflektive had to offer to create a better experience. Specifically, the platform saved employees time and effort and consolidated all of their information — that was one piece of feedback I’ve heard a lot. With Reflektive and our new processes, we really made a difference with our stakeholders:

  • Leaders: We were able to create a one-stop-shop for our executives. They don’t need to reach out to people to get reviews completed or see performance data. With Reflektive, we can trigger automatic reminder emails for all folks that haven’t completed their reviews. Leaders and HR also have access to holistic review data so we can see performance trends over time.
  • Team Members: Similarly, employees have a go-to place for their individual performance information. They go to Reflektive to ask for feedback, provide recognition, and see their performance reviews. An employee-centric solution like Reflektive enables them to better own their growth and development.
  • HR: My life is a lot easier with Reflektive! I can answer questions that execs have really easy with data from People Intelligence. From seeing how many people requested feedback to our review completion rates, I can easily keep track of all of our people programs.

Reflektive: I’m glad that the experience improved for all of your stakeholders! You run several different performance programs at Flipp — how do you drive employee adoption of these programs?

Tyler: We used several strategies to educate people and link performance programs back to our strategic people goals. Specifically, we leaned on:

  • Videos: Short, simple videos help the HR team demo Reflektive in a scalable way. 
  • Confluence Pages: These more detailed pages included the goals of our new program, what it looks like, and what is expected from different stakeholders.
  • Onboarding Programs: Covering Reflektive in our onboarding helps us ramp up new hires super fast!

Reflektive: Glad you took a multi-pronged approach! What results did you achieve in terms of employee adoption of your programs?

Tyler: We were really happy with employee participation in our new programs:

  • 100% of our team members have goals that are tracked in Reflektive and aligned with departmental and company goals
  • 92% of our team members have goal conversations with their managers on a monthly basis
  • 100% of team members receive feedback from their peers and give feedback about their managers
  • 100% of team members receive reviews 2X per year, which include a self review, peer feedback and manger review

Reflektive: That’s great to hear! Final question: can you talk a little bit about your experience with the Reflektive services team?

Tyler: Our CSM is so great. I’ve never had to wait more than an hour to hear back from her. I feel confident asking her any question that she’ll give me a helpful answer or point me in the right direction. And the rest of the support team is awesome — I always feel that my tickets are being worked on, and receive frequent status updates.