Transform your calibrations with in-app tools

Reflektive Calibration streamlines and simplifies performance and talent Calibration, ensuring rating consistency and data integrity, while saving HRBPs and managers time — so they can focus on what really matters.

Real-time insights seamlessly feed high-stakes conversations

Reflektive’s in-app Calibration incorporates rich and relevant employee data and insights from continuous performance management processes so teams can improve the quality of their talent decision-making.

Data accuracy, integrity & intel

Reflektive’s Calibration module ensures out-of-date spreadsheets and data clashes are a thing of the past. Maintain data integrity with all of your people data in one place. Visualize data to better understand your talent.

Facilitate productive sessions with less admin overhead

Reflektive’s in-app Calibration cuts down on session-planning and facilitation admin work, so HRBPs and managers can focus on what really matters.

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