People Intelligence Solution

See ROI without a Ph.D.

Equity and Inclusion

Build reports without bias.

Uncover discrepancies by department, gender and more to drive equity at your company.

Performance Accountability

Track and manage progress towards goals.

Performance data provides visibility into your team alignment and progress towards goal completion.

Custom and pre-built dashboards

Get a holistic view fast.

See your most important people metrics with our pre-built dashboards or create your own and understand your performance and people like never before.

“The depth of Reflektive’s analytics, and all of the pre-built reports already available, made it my go-to place for people metrics.”

Allison O’Toole, Director of People & Culture, Alfresco

Workforce Planning

Utilize data to make informed decisions.

View historical performance and potential by employee to guide your planning — whether it means identifying top performers for development or lower performers for reductions.

Engagement and Retention

Analyze engagement levels beyond the survey.

Cross tabulate information from your engagement survey with employee behaviors like feedback, recognition, and 1:1 conversations to develop a deeper understanding of employee engagement and retention rates.

These customers built high-performance teams.

See how they drove results with the Reflektive platform.

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“Getting in-depth data — and seeing how I can influence things for my team — was so helpful. I loved being able to see the top three things we’re doing well, and the top three things we need to work on.”

Megan Overton
VP of Product Management, Snag

Don’t suffer from analysis paralysis.