1:1 Conversations

Increase employee retention by over 3x with better 1:1 meetings.

Prepare Anywhere

Have the right conversations, right when it matters.

Collaborate through Reflektive, email, Slack, or MS Teams to set 1:1 agendas for constructive conversations.

“Reflektive’s 1:1 solution helps ensure productive conversations take place consistently so we can scale great management.”

Jordan Bengtson
Associate Director of Human Resources

Scale Great Management

Encourage meaningful dialogue with Conversation Starters.

Encourage more dynamic and purposeful 1:1s with Conversation Starters designed to help managers engage employees in meaningful ways, while driving consistency.

“The Reflektive program was a transformational change for all of us in terms of the effort that was being put in, as well as the enormous time savings and value we were getting out of it.”


Drive Alignment and Accountability

Tie 1:1s back to goals and feedback.

A key to having great 1:1s is having the proper context on performance. Quickly compare searchable 1:1 topics against progress on performance, create action items, and follow up on the topics that matter most.

“We were all really happy about the content in the survey. In the past, everything was tied to your email address and people were less willing to share. With Reflektive, everyone could be open and honest.”

Megan Overton
VP of Product Management, Snag

Discover how leading companies scale great management, accountability, and performance with consistent 1:1s.

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