Goal Management

Increase performance by 3x with better company, team, and individual alignment.

Drive an achievement-focused culture with increased goal visibility.

Increase Alignment

Company-wide alignment improves business results.

Align individuals and teams around shared goals and OKRS, track business progress, and tackle issues early on.

69% of employees believe good cross-functional alignment is key to their success.

Enable Collaboration and Accountability

Built for high-performing teams that welcome accountability.

Create individual, team, and company-wide goals, and help teams align and execute on your organization’s business goals more effectively.

“Reflektive matches so well with our culture of maniacal execution. There’s similarity in vision and approach on how to manage and help people perform their best.”


Improve Performance

Promote a culture of continuous improvement.

Use the rest of the Reflektive Platform to power ongoing performance conversations that lead to growth and continuous improvements. Leverage check-ins, feedback, and 1:1s to track performance, discuss areas of improvement, and adjust goals as necessary.

40% increase in people who say they understand exactly what they should focus on in the next 90 days

Discover how leading companies drive alignment and accountability with Reflektive.

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