Engagement Solution

Engaged employees drive performance.

People who receive meaningful recognition when they perform well are…


More likely to work harder than they have at past companies


More likely to recommend their company as a great place to work


More likely to tell their friends that their company has great products or services


A good compliment goes a long way.

Recognition drives performance by helping employees see the impact, value, and purpose of their work in your organization.

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Get sentimental.

Templated or custom surveys give you quantitative data about your people, while natural language processing and sentiment analysis summarizes qualitative findings for deeper insights. All of this information is at your fingertips in pre-built dashboards and reports.

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Set a barometer for success with industry and historical benchmarks.

Engagement benchmarks help you measure progress at your company. Analyze current results against your historic performance, department-specific outcomes, or industry data. View benchmark data for engagement scores, completion rates, and favorability.

Action Plans

A little more talk and a lot more action.

Engagement needs to produce end results. Our suggested action plans can help your team set specific goals based on actual survey results and measure progress over time. Recommendations include new programs, processes, and enablement to drive your company forward.

These customers built high-performance teams.

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