People, not companies, create value

The success of your business is driven by the growth of your people.


Invest in Your Employees and
They Will Invest in You

Reflektive provides you the tools to invest in your people and transform the way you approach performance management - at your own pace.

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Workflow integrations and product connectivity make Reflektive the performance management solution that your employees will love to use.

Recognize peers and share constructive feedback in real-time with our Slack, Outlook, and Gmail integrations. Make performance management an ongoing conversation.

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Align employees to personal and company objectives with our lightweight and agile goal management solution.

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Design, launch, and manage robust performance reviews with our simple, highly customizable tool. Tailor and target reviews to fit your culture.

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Deploy lightweight check-ins at any time. Whether it’s a quick check-in on goals or a simple employee poll, Reflektive has you covered.

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“We selected Reflektive because it was very flexible for our needs and had all the elements we were looking for." 


Marie-Claire Barker
Chief Talent Officer, MEC Global

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