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Imgur Makes Feedback Effortless With Reflektive


As a tight-knit organization, Imgur needed a seamless way to take the fear out of providing feedback. Director of People Ops, Jill Kelly, said, “The common denominator among HR professionals is the need to motivate, recognize, and help your employees learn and grow.” While feedback is an essential tool for employee development, some forms such as real-time feedback can be scary or difficult to give. Without a defined structure for the feedback process, Imgur realized they were missing out on opportunities to improve.

Imgur wanted a solution to provide better, quicker feedback which could integrate with its communication style.


Using Reflektive, Imgur employees are able to share feedback easily. The company integrated the Real-Time Feedback Tool with both Gmail and Slack to make previously uncomfortable feedback situations painless and focused on growth. Using trigger words like “thanks” or “thank you” to automatically populate Reflektive makes it particularly effortless to give employees transparent recognition. “Positive recognition is important” said Kelly, so Imgur ensures its people feel genuinely supported.

Reflektive’s 360 Reviews also became a major part of Imgur’s career path planning initiative for longer term development. Using 360 Reviews, employees across all levels can receive the coaching and mentoring they need to keep developing. It’s also easy for HR professionals to track the feedback process in order to help employees and understand their aspirations.


“Before Reflektive, we didn’t have a way to make it easy to provide feedback,” said Kelly, “but now Imgur has adopted a feedback culture. By managing performance on a daily basis, employees have increased their self-awareness and are better able to capitalize on their strengths. They understand where they excel, and feel more valued at work.

“We are actually developing our talent, and we are a better organization for it. We are taking the talent we have and working to make their employee experience amazing, which makes for better performance and a more successful organization.”

Imgur started as a simple platform to share images online, and has grown to become a massive community. Memes, gifs, and other visual content on Imgur are viewed billions of times by over 150 million active users per month. Because of Imgur’s robust community, it has surpassed competing photo sharing services to become the go-to starting point for new content to arrive online before traveling across other social platforms.


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“One of the key drivers to building a culture of engagement is helping employees feel valued through recognition. Reflektive is a must-have tool that enables us to practice humanity at work.”

Jason Medley
VP of People

“We are taking the talent we have and working to make their employee experience amazing, which makes for better performance and a more successful organization.”

Jill Kelly
Director of People Operations

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